Wedding Photography Plan

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Make yourself a brew (or pour yourself a glass of wine) before you sit down to do this. Yes, it is a little long- but trust us, it is all to benefit you on your wedding day. If you could please take your time to fill out this form with as much detail as you can it will allow us to plan around your day to make sure it is smooth sailing, but also so you can fully relax and enjoy your day because we will have all the information we need. We print out this form and bring it with us on the day.

Please note that we will need this form returned no later than 7 days before your wedding.

Couple's Names *
Couple's Names
Bride's Mobile
Bride's Mobile
Groom's Mobile
Groom's Mobile
Group Shots
Family Group Shot (up to 4 minutes per group) Please specify names for each family member :)
Bridal Party (up to 6 minutes per group)
Wedding Vendor List
Balloons/ magician/ ice-cream van/ Photo Booth etc...
Do you consent to Social Media Instagram/Facebook Previews? *
A preview is uploaded no later than 48 hours after your wedding so you can share with your family and friends online.
Do you consent to Social Media Instagram/ Facebook/ Blog Image Use/ Features and Website Uploads? *
This is for when we write blog posts to show off all of your day and all the suppliers you used to create your special day.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. We hope it hasn't taken you too long. However, now that it is all done you can sit back and relax, we have all the information we need for your wedding day to ensure its smooth sailing :) If you would like to go on over to our Instagram and follow us that would be great, we upload to 'stories' very frequently and it might give you some good ideas along the way.