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We allow up to 2 hours for our portrait sessions, but sometimes we capture your perfect photographs within the hour. It all depends on the day (and how children warm up to the camera). Are you okay with your portrait session being under 2 hours? *
We are natural light photographers so will always aim to do photoshoots outdoors. Before the shoot we may have to postpone if the weather is horrid and look at an alternate day. Are you okay with this? *
only applies if you have booked a Cake Smash session
We use Mark and Spencers Rainbow layer Cake. Have you checked that this is okay for us to order and there's no risk of an allergic reaction? *
We use Lush 'The Comforter' bubble bath (for the Splash option), have you checked to see if this is appropriate and there will be no allergic reaction to what you know of. *
Items to bring with you to your Cake Smash
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