WEDDINGs by focal photography

We know how important it is for your special day to be as relaxed as possible so you can fully enjoy your experience which is why we have a non-intrusive, relaxed and personal approach. We love to capture you at your most natural, you don't need to worry about posing if you're not comfortable in front of the camera; we will capture those touches and secret glances throughout your day.




we answer your most frequently asked questions

  • Can we meet you before we book with you?

'Absolutely! We think it is so important to meet each other before you book your photographer. As much as all of your bookings are important for your wedding, your photographers are up there with the most important- your photographs are what you will have to look back on. We think it is so important to get to know one another as much as possible so that we can deliver exactly what you want. We have a down to earth approach in all that we do. If you like any of the following we are sure to get on: animals, tea, coffee, reading, walking...and the occasional cocktail night :)'

  • How much deposit do you need?

'We require 30% deposit of your chosen package along with a signed contract to secure your date. After this we are all yours! The rest of the payment is due 1 week before your wedding date.'

  • Do you have insurance?

'Absolutely. We are fully insured with Policy Bee so you don't need to worry about any of the legal bits.'

  • What happens if your equipment fails through the day?

'We have back up cameras incase any of our equipment failed us on the day- we both shoot with Canon and a range of Canon lenses and we have duplicates of everything that we bring with us'

  • Can we have photographs done which break tradition?

'Yes! Yes! Yes! This is our style through and through. We absolutely LOVE to make our couples happy- no request is too small or too big. We are pretty much down for anything to get you your perfect quirky, non-traditional photograph!'

  • How do you class your style of photography?

'Our photography style is a little unusual for some; we stick to fine art / documentary style photography- this means we don't do the formal wedding photographs, we like to capture people at their most natural when they are having fun, relaxed and in their comfort zone.'

  • Can you edit our photographs with high contrasting filters or black and white photographs with certain items coloured?

'Our editing style again is a little unusual(it's not your traditional formal look); we are not the kind of photographers that will over compensate with heavy colour in our edits or do black and white images with flashes of colour- our colour palette is delicate, romantic and natural. We stand by this in our edits because it is part of our creative ideals.'

  • Can you edit away ....scar/birthmark etc?

'Well, yes we can edit a scar or birthmark or other blemishes but we don't like to do this- we like imperfections, that's what makes us, well, us! However, a dreaded spot that appears the night before your wedding- don't worry, we have you covered with that one!'

  • Can you do videography?

'The simple answer is 'yes, of course.' This is your day and if you would prefer to have a video alongside your photographs we can do video too- this is something that we would have to discuss when we have a catch up and a brew together, the price of your package will change dependent on the length of video you would want. Just to state, our video style is again not your formal style of video and sound wouldn't be included, instead it would be a small intimate snapshots of your day edited with a delicate instrumental backing track.'

  • Do you require a meal at the reception?

'We are foodaholics, we just love food! We are happy either way, if food isn't provided not to worry- we are very good at packing sandwiches'

  • Do you do destination weddings?

'Absolutely. We love to travel all over the world. Alex (man) has lived in Spain from being a toddler so he is proficient in Spanish…a big ‘HOLA’ from Alex. '

  • Can we print/share our photographs?

'Yesssss!!! Of course, share them with the world- we do ask that if you are to share your photographs over social media that you credit our website (, thank you.'

  • We always feel awkward in front of the camera, how will this work on our wedding day?

'Please, do not worry for one second about this. We are so unobtrusive that we will have hundreds of photographs of those secret glances, touches and kisses. When it comes to your couple photographs remember we aren't going to make you pose, we will have you walking towards the camera/away from the camera, holding each other etc- you won't even know that we are there :)'

  • Great, now how do we book in our meeting?

'We will be so happy to meet with you at your most convenient time. Email us or go to our contact page- share with us the date and location of your wedding, both your names and some available times for us to meet and we will go from there.'


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