Taking Photos is what we do

we capture fun, creative and original photographs for our fun, creative and original clients. cheers to that!

We SPECIALISE (and love) Wedding and PORTRAITURE photography...

Choosing a photographer can be very daunting, but fear not with us; we are your  perfect match if you like non-traditional, fun, relaxed, creative photos



Who are we?

We are both called Alex :)

We are obsessed with photography and drinking coffee.

We love dogs.

We love to cook and eat.

We love music.

We are both ready to turn 30 (we’re thinking Disney Land to celebrate)

We don’t have a t.v (most people find this really odd about us-haha)

(Boy) Alex is from Spain, (Girl) Alex is from Sheffield.


Why we are photographers

Photography has always played such an important role in our lives. A picture has so much emotion attached to it and sparks a memory that otherwise could have been forgotten.

To us a picture really does say a thousand words which is why we are so passionate in capturing those precious moments for couples and families so they can hold on to that memory for a lifetime.


How we got into the business

Photography has been a passion of ours since we were 14. We would flick through the pages of Italian Vogue and examine the work of great photographers. We dreamed of one day running our own business. When we lived in Spain we would spend our days photographing each other with a vintage Pentax; days at the beach, walks along the volcanoes, relaxing in the sun and we knew this is what we wanted to do.

Our professional development, and love for portraiture and capturing a ‘moment’, deepened when we did a course in film photography and fell in love with the process of developing our own images.

However, the digital world soon called to us and grabbed our attention but the journey through film photography has meant that our editing remains to be more towards the vintage inspired.


PERSONAL UPDATE: WE’RE having a baby!

bABY GIRL DUE september, 2019

The running joke in our family is that we should call her Alex! not happening! :)

oh, and we think you should know; we are 100% cheese!

Life’s too short to be normal!