Focal Photography



WELCOME to our site.

Well, where to begin...we started the concept of Focal photography several years ago and finally pulled the trigger to turn our dream into our reality in 2016 after photographing for other companies for several years and never being able to give clients the experience we wanted to. Now that we have focal photography we are able to achieve fun, creative and original photographs for our fun, creative and original clients. cheers to that!

One thing you should know about us is that we ARE both called ALEX!  (FEEL FREE TO LAUGH AT OUR NAME COMBINATION- OUR FAMILIES DO) and we currently live on THE OUTSKIRTS OF SHEFFIELD. man alex is originally from spain and i (women alex) am originally from the steel city. Our business allows us to have many adventures in the photography world but professionally We SPECIALISE (and love) ALL THINGS Wedding and may have also noticed that we have a love for conceptual images too. hey, if you have ideas for your own image (maybe even on your wedding day), let's discuss this! :)

Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be very daunting, but fear not with us; we are your  perfect match if you like non-traditional, fun, relaxed, creative photos. drop us an email to have a catch up about your plans, this is a perfect opportunity to see if you think we're the best match for you too, prior to booking, and an excuse to drink coffee (or maybe even a glass of vino).




for us it is all about our CLIENTs and making sure they receive photographs that capture their personalities. 

We brand ourselves on being creative, laid back and fun loving. 

If you love photographs that are a little different from your average, run of the mill photography we will be a perfect fit.