A Family Photoshoot...Compiled into a Simple Video

As much as we are now in the process of trying to master Premier Pro, we are still enjoying these short and sweet video slideshows. We think it is nice for our clients to have a look through the photographs of their day on a moving video, it just adds a little life and movement into a static image. Yet, unfortunately with the programme we are currently using, it's not picking up the edited colours very well, I'm thinking this is because the colours you can use in Lightroom and Photoshop are sometimes too complex for simple video applications where you can pay monthly subscriptions. 

However, saying this...once Premier Pro is mastered...we can't wait to add a behind the scenes video for our clients. The outtakes are pure genius on these style of shoots, babies are just too funny! 

Hope you like the slideshow, even though I've complained a little about the colour. If you want to see the photographs in their full glory, check out our blog post prior to this and also scroll through our photographs on our Portraiture Tab on our website. 

Thanks for reading,


Focal Photography