Family Photoshoot in the Botanical Gardens

There's something so pure and special about photographing a family. Today, in the thick cloud that hung over Sheffield, I got to be a part of a love filled outing with this beautiful family. 

When photographing babies the word 'unpredictable' springs to mind. And true to form, baby Billy had a few wobbles. He's teething you see, but luckily we did manage to get a fair few smiles out of him, mainly thanks to mum who pulled silly faces and made silly noises (the things we will do to get a good a photography, eh?)

After one hour in I had nearly filled my memory card with a plethora of images...I get a little snap happy when I get the chance to photograph babies :) 

These images have been edited in a mixture of green overtones, lilac overtones, and black and white. The edits have been selected to show off the natural tones of our surroundings. 

I hope you enjoy them...I can't stop looking at his beautiful little face. 


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