Soft, Natural and Romantic Wedding Editing

We just LOVE the editing process; sitting down with a cuppa and loading up hundreds of photographs onto the computer to play with. But, when it comes to editing your wedding photographs it is paramount to us that the style suits you. 

There's, literally, millions of ways to edit a photograph, so we have come up with a selection of edits which we love. We think that this edit is  soft, natural and romantic, which for the majority of weddings would be perfect. 

When you have your meeting with your photographer you should feel comfortable enough to either explain the sort of edits that you like on a photograph (Pinterest is a great way to collect ideas), or ask your photographer to look through a selection of their edits and what they use (these are going to be your pictures for a lifetime so always feel as though you are completely happy with the result your are going to get).

Below is an example of one of the edits that we love to use on wedding photographs. All of the photographs below have been done with the same edit so you can see if this is maybe a style you would like, or maybe it just gets your cogs turning about the editing process. 

To just give a little more information about the edit used: not only do we find this edit very soft, natural and romantic but also extremely clean and fresh looking. This sort of edit is perfect to showcase in an album as the colours allow the main subject (that being you) to really stand out. 

Let us know what you think, and if this is a style that you would like for your wedding photographs. 

Photo Credit: Focal Photography 

The beautiful dresses worn are from Lulu Mae, in Sheffield. 

The location: Quarry House B&B


Thanks for reading, 

We hope this has been of some benefit when you are thinking about your wedding photographs, but if not, we hope that you have enjoyed looking through the selection of images :) 


Focal Photography