Spending Time Capturing the Bride... Fine Art Portrait Photography

We know that all photographers have similarities and differences when it comes to what they offer in their wedding packages. We like to think that we go that extra mile for our clients so that they love everyone of their images, and something we have found is that whether or not they admit to it, brides really do love having a selection of portraiture style shots. We think the reason behind this is because whether or not you like to pose in front of the camera, having those personal photographs can be cherished for a lifetime, and your children and your children's children can look at those images and see you for you; a bride on her wedding day, the start of something new and special, and there's no other distractions in the photograph other than you and your beauty on your special day. 

Below are a few photographs to emphasise what we mean... it's not that you even need to be looking into the camera, because let's face it we're not all comfortable with that (I know I'm not), but even the photographs which capture you when you are unaware hold the same importance and beauty. It's photographs like these that you will always be thankful you have. 

It really doesn't matter if your: tall or short, big or small, light skinned or dark skinned, or if you have: crooked teeth or straight teeth, blue eyes or brown eyes, light hair or dark hair... we think having a small selection of portrait photographs from your very special day will always be some of your most favourite pictures. 

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