And so it begins...

So, first youtube video of us both actually doing something is up and live. 

I showed Alex the youtube account when he arrived home from work, thinking that he may have been a little dubious about it, but no. He LOVED it, and couldn't wait to take the cameras out to Dam flask for an evening stroll. 

As I packed up our car, he was there, camera in hand, even getting the action shot. 

I'm so pleased that he liked that I'd set us up an account. And...I think this is where it begins properly. 

Putting together our first video, we did say that in a few months time when we look back at this video we will think how amateur it looks, but true to form Alex made a smashing comment. He said 'So what? I think it's brilliant, and it shows the journey of our adventure.' 

Do you know what? I couldn't agree more. The man does make sense sometimes! haha.

We hope you like the video, our first ever video with us involved, just capturing what we do with our nights, you can find it on our youtube account at: focal photography ( 

Here are some of the images that were taken yesterday evening. It always makes me laugh seeing a photo of myself taking a photograph. Alex looks so cool, like he belongs with a camera in his hand. I, on the other hand, look as though I'm trying to scrunch my way into the lens. Maybe one day I will master the art of looking good when taking a photograph...but I'm not holding my breath. Take a look below, you'll see what I mean :) 

Thanks for reading,


Focal Photography