Videos, Videos, and more Videos!

Well...can you believe it? We've finally got a youtube channel up and running. We plan on uploading all of our videos onto here. This will include photoshoot videos BUT also...eeeekkk! Our own videos. We plan on videoing when we are out and about, on photoshoots and just generally mooching with our cameras to find exciting locations. 

As Alex will proudly admit, he is a youtube dreamer. He frequently watches youtube video after youtube video, and I can see the look in his eyes which is shouting 'I want to showcase my work and my passions!' Well, my dear Alex, whilst you've been at work today I have taken matters into my own hands and made us our very own youtube account AND uploaded several videos already (very proud of my techno-phobe self on this creation). 

It just so happens that tonight is supposed to be a photography night...and I maybe able to persuade Alex to video (or document) some of the things that we get up to. Who knows, the fear might strike a cord within him. 

As it stands, the youtube account is already doing well in the sense that after our first publication we already have a whooping 7 views! Yippeee. 

Thank you to all who read this Blog, and thank you for your continued support in this exciting adventure we are on. 

I'll post the videos below, have a watch and see what you think. 

I'm, sure Alex will be curious to know what you think of the videos we create for our clients so leave comments below. We're always curious to know what you think, (just to explain, the videos created are included in our packages. We decided to add this as an extra for our clients because we believe that it is a lovely way to share special moments with family and friends). 

Thanks for reading,

Just girl A :) 





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