Magical Backdrops Can Be Found Right On Our Doorsteps

Without a destination in mind, Lauren and I decided to go for a drive to find a magical location to take some Fine Art Wedding photographs. We found a stunning place, which was shortly interrupted by a group of very big cows. 'Not to worry' I told Lauren foolishly, 'they're only cows' I said. Well, as it turns out there was also a Bull in the group...I've never seen somebody move so fast. Lauren took off, jumped over a fence in her lace wedding dress and became the 'look-out' while I gathered up our props. 

In the car again, we drove for another 5 minutes and found an even more beautiful backdrop than before. This time we were completely alone, not a cow to be seen. Yet, being deep inside a dense forest did give this a Gothic setting. I think I'll return to this spot with another photoshoot in mind, so keep an eye out for this.

We spent a couple of hours just playing with some bridal looks and getting Lauren some photographs that she can treasure and use in her portfolio. I absolutely loved the day. 

Take a look at some of the photographs, we hope you like them and maybe they have inspired some creative ideas for your own wedding day. 

We hope you've enjoyed a sneak peak into our Magical Backdrop inspired Wedding Shoot. 

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