What do you get if you mix an abandoned warehouse and a kick boxer?

When Joe asked if we'd take some photographs for him showcasing his many kickboxing skills, we were only too pleased to jump on board. However, it total honesty I was a little dubious, I have never photographed sports photography before, but Alex was super excited with no anxiety about capturing that perfect photograph.

Now, whilst taking our walk to an abandoned warehouse in Bradfield, we discussed ideas about the shoot. I knew that this was going to be amazing because Joe has been in the athletics game since he was a young boy, what I didn't anticipate was how it would make me feel; seeing someone that physically fit made me want to take control of my fitness regime (she says, writing a blog post and munching down a full packet of Jaffa Cakes).

The afternoon was incredible and I loved every moment. I hope you like the photographs. Alex will showcase his over the next week (I've been hogging the computer).

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