"You Rock our World"

A great example of how much joy children bring to our lives and why it is so special to capture as many moments as possible so that you can treasure the memories for a lifetime.

Another glorious day in the Peaks on Sunday. Yes, a little rainy in the morning...but metaphorically the sunshine was around all day.

To be serious for a second though, Sunday was a definite highlight in my adult life. My beautiful friends have bestowed upon me the greatest gift in making me their little boy's God Mummy...which is why I didn't capture many images on the day, I was just cuddling away. 

However, I feel as though between us, Alex and I have managed to capture some beautiful images of an even more beautiful boy.

A picture really does say a thousand words...this is why we love this job so much; these pictures will be treasured for a lifetime, and take pride of place in our house. 

Lots of Love little man...you rock our world.


(Auntie Alex and Uncle Alex)

Focal Photography