The Boy is Back in Town

Sam has been sunning himself in the Caribbean for the past fortnight. It's not like we've missed out on weather here, we just didn't have the crystal water to jump into to cool down, and cocktails galore...unlike some.   

Words can't express my love for this boy. We've emailed, face-timed and snap chatted these past two weeks, but it just wasn't the same. As soon as I realised he was back we had to take a trip over to my parents to have a cuddle. However, with that lovely Caribbean tan, our little get together turned into a little photoshoot (he was very easy to persuade). 

Welcome back to Sheffield Town young man, Sheffield is brighter with you back. 

...and it wouldn't be right to leave the family pooch out, so one more for good luck.

Hoping you've all had a good afternoon, even if it did start raining.

Thanks for reading,


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