Sunday 18th June- Father's Day

Today has been another glorious sun filled day in Sheffield. My family have had a little get together to celebrate our love and gratitude for our lovely fathers'. My dad, mum, nannan, and grandad all buckled up in the car to take a drive to Frankie and Benny's (we let the men decide where they wanted to go), where we ate an abundance of great, wholesome, fried, American food. 

After our lunch we popped back to my grandparents house for a drink in their beautifully flower bloomed garden. I, of course, took this as an opportunity to take a few photographs of my nan's lovely flowers. 

We hope you've had a lovely day celebrating and cherishing these important times with our loved ones.

Later this evening Alex and I will be going to a woodland/Snow White inspired editorial shoot. If you're interested head back later to take a peak.


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