Summer Sunshine Saturdays

Today has been a beautifully busy day!

This morning I went to pick my mum up, of course she wasn't ready, we had planned to go shopping on Sharrow Vale Road for a Father's Day gift. Whilst mum beautified herself, I spent my time taking photographs. There were only two souls in the house (three including myself) so my mum and the family dog had a camera pushed in their face for a half hour to keep me entertained. 

After my mum had finally finished getting ready we headed straight for Sharrow Vale Road, if you're not familiar with Sheffield this is the place to be. There's food stores galore including wood-fired pizza and quaint delis. However, my favourite of all has to be the Handmade Doughnuts store. This place is utterly divine. Just to make clear, we did go for a Father's Day present and didn't just spend our morning eating- I promise, my dad will be pleased to know that come tomorrow morning he will be the proud owner of a Sheffield Wednesday Mckee phone case. 


What a brilliant morning we had, stuffing our faces with delicious treats from one of Sheffields most cosmopolitan areas.

Yet, the day was only just beginning really. Again if you're not from Sheffield you won't have heard about The Malin pub at Malin Bridge. Now, from the outside this looks like your run of the mill English boozer, but if you take a walk into the back garden space you are hit with an exotic themed bar and drinking area. The owners of The Malin have done such a wonderful job at creating a care-free environment for people to relax in, and it has that holiday vibe we all crave. Their outside bar serves an abundance of cocktails, it was so lovely to see everybody enjoying themselves in this summer sun. I met up with a few gorgeous friends and took a few quick photographs of them enjoying their cocktails and sunshine.

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful Saturday.

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