Romantic Editing

We've been watching a lot of videos on how to make makeup really standout in a photograph lately, and also how to create soft and romantic lighting. 

This led us back to a previous photoshoot; we had a look through the original images and really dedicated a lot of time to making subtle, but creative, edits to these photographs. 

Our model, Hannah, who did a lot of work with us during the Summer, helped us to create some amazing face forward photographs a few months ago. Now (during this new editing process) we've really been able to make these images effective, and they are exactly how I imagined them to be when I took the images. 

Have a look through them, let us know what you think. We love to hear feedback :)


The colours are so different in these images...we are so happy with how they have turned out. Just for good measure here are two of the photographs in their full glory :)


Thanks for reading,


Focal Photography