Why Have a Pre-Wedding Shoot/Engagement Shoot? Our Professional Opinion

So, when it comes to talking to couples about their pre-wedding shoot we are usually (99.9% of the time) given this kind of response:

“I hate having my picture taken.”

“I feel so awkward and I know I’ll look awkward on camera.”

“Will you position us so we look okay?”

And we always give the same answer- and that is that being in front of the camera is a pretty daunting task (you know, unless you have had modelling experience), but it gets easier the more you are in front of the lens.

Having your photograph taken, especially as a couple, can feel awkward- of course it can! But what we do is capture those laughs and glances in between the awkward moments.

Having this time is truly one of the best things you can do before your wedding day- we think it is a priceless experience that couples are appreciative of when it comes to having their couple shots done on the wedding day because they feel like…we got this! And, you know what’s coming.

Below what you will see is precisely this- Leila and Manny clearly felt a little out of their comfort zone to begin with and they eased into the process quickly.

Take a look at these photographs; you’ll see what we mean.


And what you will find with these photographs is their body language doesn’t suggest intimacy and they look out of their comfort zone!

This is pretty much how every photoshoot begins.

Skip ahead 5 minutes, we went for a little walk. Can you see how the body language has changed and that their faces have started to relax?


The difference is remarkable. What you’ll find on your pre-shoot is that something very similar to this will happen. You’ll feel like: I hate this! I hate this! I hate this! And then all of a sudden you will begin to feel so much more comfortable- as well, Alex and I are massive goons so you will always feel like the sophisticated couple! :)

We then had Leila and Manny take another seat. You can see the difference from the first photographs.

Below is a selection from the rest of the images from our session together.


Looking at this last picture to the first picture on this post you can see so clearly how being in front of the camera for one hour has completely changed these guys.

When it came to their wedding day, Leila and Manny just walked with us down to a location on the grounds of their venue and we had the best 15 minutes together- completely at ease and lots of exclaiming about how fantastic their day had been so far.

What can you do with these photographs?

  • Print and frame them- put them around your home.

  • Have your favourite printed and mounted and use as a guest book on your wedding day.

  • Have an album made and maybe have a photoshoot every couple of years and keep adding albums to your collection- a way to have a walk down memory lane when you are older.

  • Treasure them. It is a lovely way to remember your time before you became husband and wife.

Big loves,

Alex and Alex

Location: Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

Couple: Leila and Manny

Photographs: Focal Photography

Focal Photography