What's your Favourite Image?- Wedding Addition

After such a wonderful 2018 we have been empowered by NatalieJWeddings to get in touch with you all to hear what you had to say about your photographs.

This was such an interesting idea for us; being photographers we knew that our favourite photographs from your days wouldn’t be yours, and that’s because we are looking at different elements to you. Our favourite photographs are always the ones that have the perfect lighting or the perfect composition, and actually what we have learnt from this project is that your favourite images are the ones that have a beautiful memory attached to it or the image where you feel more like yourselves…and we are absolutely loving this!!

We’ll not waffle on because your words are so valuable.

Below you will find an image followed by a statement written by couples we have previously photographed. We asked if you had to pick one favourite image from your wedding day which would it be and could you explain why, and here it is…

We love this one because it’s so fun, relaxed and colourful! You can see a lot of smaller details too... all the beading on my dress, my headband and James cufflinks.
You can also see our lovely venue in the background too!
Even though we are both pulling funny expressions, that’s what we love about the image... that it’s not too serious.
— Hannah and James
After years of planning our wedding, we fell in love with the idea of putting our own spin on the first official look.. or shall we say, the ‘not really’ first look.

Throughout the wedding planning, we were inspired by good old Pinterest and newly wed couples blogging photos from their special day. We could not get enough of these ‘not really’ first looks and hoped that it could be pulled off on mine and George’s big day!

We are over the moon with our wedding photographs. Every time we look at them, they make us relive our day and beem with joy and happiness! If we were to choose our favourite photograph from the collection then it would be this one! Capturing this before shot was a must-have for us. It is a prime example of Alex and Alex going above and beyond for making our day extra special.

A big thank you to Alex and Alex at Focal Photography for capturing this breathtaking shot! This moment was absolutely incredible. It was so surreal and crazy to have been able to hold my soon-to-be Husband’s hand just before the ceremony began.

After the ceremony, George told me in this room at Cressbrook Hall where this photo was taken, he accidentally saw what he thought was a glimpse of my reflection in a mirrored ornament. He said with the light reflecting outside, he thought I was wearing a white wedding dress. George’s face was a post card when he saw that I was walking down the aisle wearing black! Bless him!

What is great about this photograph is that, it tells a narrative and will always carry a special meaning to us. We believe this photograph needs to be studied in order for the story to come alive. The meaning of the photograph is not obvious and this is the beauty of it. Different people can take what they want from it.

Certain aspects of the room help break sections of the photograph up and help the viewer read it. There is a great deal of context illustrated in this very photograph. The idea of the door open with a focus on the key and our hands in the centre, symbolise two people in love. This relationship has been built with honesty and trust. We have let each other in and given each other a key to our hearts. Futhermore, the clock featured in the background allows all the feelings to come flooding back at that very moment in time.
— Jordanna and George

Thank you so much for everyone who has taken part in this project of ours. It has been truly wonderful and emotional to re-live these precious moments and hear your memories attached to your favourite image.

We have more to come, so stay tuned for the next instalment.

Big loves,

Alex and Alex

Focal Photography