Leila and Manny



what a day. 


We arrived early at Goosedale in Nottingham to be greeted by such a wonderful venue. The staff had taken such care in making sure that everything was just so for Manny's arrival. 

While guests arrived and settled into their seats listening to the saxophone player serenade them, I went to meet Leila at the glass house for some photos. We had a special ten minutes. Leila with her mum and bridesmaids by her side talked about all the hard work they had put into the day to make sure it was sentimental, including making their own bouquets, cake and cupcakes. 


The whole day was just wonderful and all those small details made it so special for their family and friends. 

I remember my dad once telling me that you can tell a lot about a person by what sort of company they keep, and even though I knew that Leila and Manny are two of the most lovely people it was definitely confirmed fully once I spent sometime with their crazy friends. 


Alex and I spent the entire day smiling and laughing along with everyone and it was such a joy to be involved in all the celebrations. 


Having never been to Nottingham before, it is so nice to think that if ever it is mentioned this will be the memory we have of this place. 

Something that we were truly blessed with is the sunset. Leila had mentioned that if the weather was right she would love a sunset photograph. Luckily the weather was perfect. We thought it was going to be hard to drag them both away from the dance floor for ten minutes, but at the mention of sunset they were there in an instant. So happy we managed to get this for them. It really summed up a perfect day. 


All photos are now edited and ready for Leila and Manny when they are back from their honeymoon in Cyprus (not jealous at all). 

A huge congratulations to these to love bugs, we can't wait to see you both soon. 



Venue: Goosedale, Nottingham

Videographer: Monkey Media Productions



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